Wto Trade Facilitation Agreement Notifications

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1.2 Each Member, to the extent that it is feasible and in accordance with its domestic law and legal system, ensures that laws and regulations of general or new application or amended relating to the transfer, release and release of goods, including goods in transit, are made public as soon as possible before they come into force. , to allow merchants and other interested parties to meet with them. 3. Members of the least developed countries should make commitments only to the extent that they meet their individual development, financial and trade needs or administrative and institutional capacities. On this page, you will find general information on notifications that should be made available to the WTO Trade Facilitation Committee. Notification templates and notification preparation information and examples from member notifications can be found on the Notification Preparation page. 1.5 The Committee maintains close contacts with other international trade facilitation organizations, such as the WCO, in order to obtain the best possible recommendations for the implementation and management of the agreement and to avoid unnecessary duplication. To this end, the committee may invite representatives of these organizations or their subsidiary bodies: each member organises, if necessary, regular consultations between its border agencies and traders or other stakeholders in its territory. (d) within one year of the entry into force of this agreement, members of the developing country and relevant donor members, taking into account existing agreements, Article 22, paragraph 1 notifications, and information provided in accordance with point c), provide the committee with information on the arrangements maintained or concluded necessary to provide capacity-building assistance and assistance to enable implementation Category C. (19) The member of the participating country immediately informs the committee of these agreements. The Committee also invites donors from third countries to provide information on existing or concluded agreements.

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