Ufcw Local 1400 Collective Agreement

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Westfair members in Manitoba ratify new five-year collective agreement “We are pleased that an agreement was reached that was fair to both parties,” said Gerry Onyskevitch, Executive Director of the Co-op. “Our final offer reduces the pay gap between longer-term employees and those who have been hired recently.” “Together, we have managed to overcome many of the employer`s proposed concessions, including the elimination of sick hours, longer wait times for short-term disability benefits, the removal of the overtime bank, substantial reductions in bereavement, benefits and urgent forced leave. At the end of the negotiations, the members were able to retain all their advantages without concessions,” said Norm Neault, UFCW, President of Local 1400. The new agreement provides for wage increases of 2.75 per cent in years 1, 3 and 5 of the contract and 2.5 per cent in years two and four. In addition, members are receiving improvements in boot allowance and the seniority clause has been extended, the union said. Current information is the most important value of a union`s website in order to keep members in harmony. Create a channel to provide news that takes place in their workplaces and within the local union. The site was designed to address local 1400 membership, simple enough to understand and navigate, but complex enough to grab your attention and interesting enough to come back. United Food and Commercial Workers Canada (UFCW), 1400 local members working at Richardson Milling in Martensville, Sask., voted in favour of a new collective agreement on June 6.

Important news for safeway members: 3-way forward agreement between Sobeys, UFCW 247, UFCW 1518 LOBLAWS – Preliminary agreement reached in Manitoba. Possible strike action in businesses in Alberta and Saskatchewan. UFCW The people of Ontario have reached a preliminary agreement with Loblaw Stores in Ontario This is the site for UFCW 1400 in Saskatchewan. For more information about UFCW Canada, please visit our national website under www.ufcw.ca Loblaw DC Committee and Company reach agreement – (Updated with details) The new agreement maintains the salary scale negotiated in the previous collective agreement for new employees, a crucial point for the long-term competitiveness of retail operations, the union said. UFCW 247 draws Sobeys` attention to secure closures. Loblaws pays retroactively on the 8th. March a $2 per hour bonus workers` movement celebrates paid leave for workers related to domestic and sexual violence Day 2 of the UFCW convention sees Suzanne Hodge from Local 247 at the Intl VP Indigo 771 pinetree Employees Vote Yes to UFCW 247!! The latest arguments at the hearing on FreshCo Collective Agreement Local 247 files complaint on ofg plans to convert Whalley Save-On into a PriceSmart store a UFCW Canada fights against Quebec legislation, which take away the rights of agricultural workers Hanley elected international executive vice president of the UFCW International Agriculture workers of Novafruit in Montreal join the union, UFCW $501 $2.37 million this year as UFCW Canada Fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada now raised top 43.7 million teams in triathlon training for leukemia – lymphoma Soc. . . .

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