Transport Malta Collective Agreement

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The sources, meanwhile, clarified Abela`s claim and said that while the two agreements have their salary levels on an equal footing, it is the management grades under UĦM that have been “honored with numerous allowances and bonuses.” With regard to the public service, the government and the unions have agreed on the establishment of a conciliatory structure in the 2005-2010 collective agreement for public service employees. It is composed of a president and two members, all three appointed by the government in consultation with the trade unions. Conciliation meetings must be agreed before the reversal of trade union actions. Konrad Pulé himself commented on the collective agreement by saying that if employees are motivated and the company invests in its employees, the result will be felt not only by the same employees and their families, but also by those who use the bus service. “This is the philosophy that the company has followed in this collective agreement,” he continued. The Employment and Industrial Relations Act 2002 (EIRA) defines a “contract of employment” and a “contract of employment” as “an agreement (except as a member of a disciplined force), whether orally or in writing, in any form, in which a person undertakes to provide or work for an employer. in return for salaries and, as regards conditions of employment, includes an apprenticeship contract`. This definition recognizes an oral agreement as enforceable by law. However, in cases where no written employment contract has been signed between the worker and the employer, the employer is required to provide the worker with a signed statement indicating the basic conditions of employment in accordance with Legal Note 431 of 2002 – Information to Employees Regulations, 2002.

The signed declaration should contain the following information: the date of commencement of employment; the trial period; normal rates of pay; overtime rates of wages payable; normal working hours; the periodicity of salary payments; in the case of a fixed-term or permanent-term contract, the planned or agreed duration of the contract; paid leave as well as leave, sick leave and other days of leave to which the worker is entitled; the conditions under which the employer may impose fines; the title, grade, nature or class of the work for which the worker is employed; the notice periods to be respected by the employer and the worker in this case; where applicable, the collective agreement governing the worker`s working conditions; and all other relevant or applicable conditions of employment. . . .

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