Sample Of Back To Back Agreement

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If you engage a contractor to provide services, it is worth determining the terms of the contract in a contractor`s contract, so that each party knows its rights and obligations and the commercial conditions of the contract are clearly defined. The appointment of a contractor on a handshake basis leaves open the prospect of litigation. Our proposal for the contractor agreement can help clarify that the contractor is engaged as an independent contractor (and not as an collaborator), the costs and payment terms that govern the payment of royalties to the contractor, the services to be provided, who owns the intellectual property developed during the contract, termination rights and other important provisions. The above requirement does not prevent either party from claiming rights to omission, as it considers that this is necessary to protect their own interests. This Agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Province [Province], Canada, including the recognition of applicable federal law, but excluding the rules of law of that jurisdiction. The parties agree with the exclusive jurisdiction and jurisdiction of [province], Canada, for the enforcement of an arbitral award or other legal proceeding with respect to this Agreement. Any judgment rendered by that court has conferred on the winning party its reasonable attorneys` fees and related costs. Both Parties agree that the occurrence of a dispute shall not affect the performance of either Party or other obligations under this Agreement. A back-to-back contract can relate to many different things, but is the most used in the construction industry.3 min Read the global agreement. This document and all attached or added documents contain the entire agreement between the parties and supersede all agreements, obligations or agreements, whether presented, either orally or in writing. In addition, this Subcontracting Agreement may not be modified, modified or otherwise modified unless it is a written agreement signed by both parties.

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