Scott’s Sports is dedicated to supporting the “National Principles for the Fair Handling of Personal Information”, that set comprehensible standards for the access, collection, storage, and use of personal details, which we get as part of our operations. Our respect, for our clients’ right to privacy of their personal details is paramount. We have procedures and policies to ensure that all personal details, no matter where or how obtained, is handled securely, sensitively and in accordance with the laws.

The Privacy Policy clearly sets out:

  • Our policies on the management of information
  • Matters you should know regarding info we obtain from you
  • What type of information we keep, its significance, an how we obtain it, hold, use, and reveal that information

What personal details do we collect and store?

So that we can efficiently serve you, we may request for personal information such as your address, name, email, and telephone numbers. For instance, in the exchange and refund purposes, we may need your correct details, so that the item can reach the right individual.
Privacy law allows us to obtain personal info about you, if it is practical and reasonable to do so. Scott’s Sports & Awards takes measures to guarantee that your personal details are protected from unauthorized loss, access, alteration or disclosure.

How personal privacy is used

The personal information that we request is usually used to help you receive goods and services efficiently and effectively. For instance, we require your card number, for a credit card transaction.
We may also use your personal details to provide you with better services. This may involve using the information to advise you of a better or newer service or product. You have the right to inform us to mail the information to you, for the focal reason why we obtained personal information.

Accessing your personal information

Scott’s Sports & Awards gives you access to any of your personal details it holds. If you want to access any of your information, kindly send an email to us at Of course, prior to sending you the information, we will ask for some proof of identity. Most of the requests are free of charge, though we charge a reasonable fee for requests that calls for much effort on our part.

If you need to change or update your information, e.g. your address, kindly contact Scott’s Sports & Awards, so that we can make the appropriate change.