Nac Vehicle Service Agreement

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I purchased GAP coverage from National Auto Care through my dealership in 2016. In 2019, my vehicle was involved in a total accident. NAC processed the application and paid the balance of the loan 3 and a half weeks after filing all the necessary documents. I contacted her several times during the trial by phone and online chat and had only positive experiences each time. Driven by passion, National Auto Care has been a major supplier of financial and insurance products and programs for 35 years. We offer vehicle service contracts, limited warranties, asset protection products and protection products for special parts such as tires and wheels, keys, windshields and more on a national network of trusted local dealers. If these reserves do not discourage you, the high cost of expanded guarantees may be. According to F-IMagazine, a publication for car dealers, a typical extended warranty costs an average of $1,790, and $795 is a profit for the dealer. And in a 2007 Consumer Reports survey of new car buyers who bought extended warranties, 42% never used their contracts because their vehicles did not need repairs that were not covered by the plant warranty. To be the best partner for our agencies. Exceed expectations by anticipating their needs and needs and developing truly innovative products and services to meet these needs. Self-satisfaction is not an option. We are always looking for new ways to move the industry forward and achieve success.

We are committed to working with our partners to build both their business and ours. Executives said customers will benefit from benefits such as battery, speed and potential impact warnings, stolen vehicle support, geofencing, teen tracking, claims submissions and troubleshooting. You can extend the service for a total of three or five years for a fee. National Auto Care was acquired in 2018 by private equity firm Lovell Minnick Partners and plans to expand its business. The company currently offers its services to more than 2,000 distributor customers. All products are supported by the industry`s most responsive customer service and A.M. Best “A” rating. For 35 years, National Auto Care Corp. has been providing IR products, product administration, consulting, training and marketing services to independent agents and the automotive industry. Our management team has extensive experience in the automotive IR sector, which allows National Auto Care to be qualified only to help you grow your RESEARCH business.

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